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A range of security roller shutters and cabinet shutters ideal for internal or outdoor bars shutters, receptions and counters in a wide range of applications including clubs, halls, retail premises and schools. These can be either solid shutters or punched or perforated slats creating a balance between security and display. Shutter slats are either of 38mm double skinned extruded aluminium or a larger 77mm single wall extruded aluminium slat (Seceurovision 800) which provides optimum strength whilst delivering 58% vision (see slats page).

Our standard colours are White, Brown, Cream or Black, however they can be powder coated in a variety of coloured finishes as an optional extra (see colours/slats page). The shutter box can be fitted onto the external face or internally on the reveal.

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A choice of Manual or Electric shutter operations, including group operated control...

There are a choice of different types of shutter operation methods for the 38mm slats, manual, rod crank, spring/lock or electric. The 77mm slat version is only available with electric operation.

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Rod Crank shutters are operated using a geared rod crank winding handle which, when not in use, is cliped underneath the box.
Spring Loaded shutters are used for external operation which is useful for exit doors or counters. A lock can be incorporated into the bottom slat if required.
Motor & Switch operation are best for larger shutters but can also be used on smaller installations. Motors are fitted inside the shutter axle and require a 3 amp fuse and 240V supply. Operation is usually by rocker switch, key switch or remote control as standard but other controls methods are available. In the event of a power supply failure a manual override can be added to operate from inside. Where desirable a manual override can also be engaged through the outside of an externally fitted shutter box. Under these circumstances a lockable override cover is available as an optional extra to maximise security.
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For the electric operation control units are available as both single motor and group command activated motors for multiple shutters, so that shutters can be operated individually or in groups. Single rooms can be controlled individually, ensuring that the shutters are only operated in full sight of the user. We have a range of both wireless and wired control units.

Taking your measurements...

bar security shutters measurementshutter guide

For face fitting, measure the opening width and height. if using standard 38mm slats add 60mm each side for the guide rails. If using the larger 77mm slats add 90mm. This is the overall guide width.

Add the height of the shutter box which fits above the opening. The size of the shutter box is dependent on the height of the shutter (see our price guide page).

For internal (reveal) fitting measure the opening width and height. The shutter width required will include the guide rails. The height includes the shutter box.

Note: Bear in mind loss of light at the top of the opening when considering internal fitting.

Now take a closer look at our slat types and colours >>>

If looking to fit shutters yourself then download our Installation Fitting Guide...

security shutter installation guide Our products are made in Britain Loss Prevention Certification Board UKAS Product certification UKAS Product Certification Great savings on security prices

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